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Hi from the Guzenda family in San Jose!
Leon Guzenda, Dad Dad was a founding member and Chief Technology Officer of Objectivity, Inc., the leading Object Database Management System company. He currently consults with the company in the same role. He has travelled extensively. He likes weird music and is keen on astronomy ( NASA pic-of-the-day) and photography. He married Verna Lambert in September 2006 and they now live in Rio Vista, CA.
Matthew, Son Matthew has a B.Sc in Aviation from San Jose State University. He is a Founder and Studio Director at Gunfire Games. He and Heather Hall were married in Hawaii on September 8, 2003 and they now have two sons.
Naomi, Daughter Naomi is married with a son and a lovably crazy dog.
Lindy, Their mother Lindy returned to the UK and lives in the North of England.
Toby, Dog
(Motto: "I'm getting smarter every day!")
Toby was a Border Collie and Husky mix. He weighed about 50 pounds and lived to almost 15 years old. He was very smart. He used to play tricks on Penny. We were very lucky to have found him via the Border Collie Rescue of California site. If you're looking for a dog we can highly recommend getting in touch with them.
Penny, Dog
(also known as "Dogzilla")
Penny was a short haired Border Collie. She weighed about 45 pounds and was roughly a year younger than Toby. We also found her via the Border Collie Rescue of California site. She was quite a handful when she was younger, but she and Toby got along just fine. Her favorite phrase was "Throw the ball!".
Sinkyone, Dog
(but he thought he was human!)
Sinkyone was probably half Border Collie and half Husky/Samoyed. Nobody will ever know for sure. He was black and white with the thick hair and curly tail of a Husky. He was smart and strong, making him a great guard dog. He knew more than seventy human words! Take a look at the Sinkyone the Dog web page. He was one of the first dogs to have his own web site.

Dad's father was Polish, hence the surname. He served on the Polish destroyer ORP "Blyskawica" in WWII.
 The 1939 Crew of the ORP Blyskawica.

Dad was at school in Carisbrooke on the Isle of Wight. There was a school REUNION in 2008.
Dad graduated from U.C.N.W. Bangor (University of Wales). We came to California from England in 1983. Matthew and Naomi went to Santa Teresa High School and graduated from San Jose State University. Naomi earned her Doctorate at the University of San Francisco.
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