Leon & Verna's Wedding

Gallery 3 - The Reception

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Trilogy Jazz Band

Trilogy Jazz Band*

Alaskan Salmon*

Surf & Turf*

The Cake*

Matthew & Son*

Vernon and Family*


Verna and Friends*



Steve and Alex's Family*

Kathleen & Paula*

Leon & Verna*

Verna and Kiyana*

Leon & Verna Socializing*

Marsha and Vernon*

Estrella and Elmer*

Sue, Ralph and Lynn*

Dr. Kenny and the Keelings*

Jennifer and Alvaro*

Guy and Sue*

Leon and Verna*

Steve and Brenda*


Dancers 2

Tony and Matthew

Alex, Heather & Kids

Lynn and Brian

Vernon and Elmer

Doug and Family

Clifton and Marsha

Friends and Neighbors

More to follow soon...

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